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    We focus on deep industry solutions* for solo founders who build & grow million-dollar profitable startups.

    As a solo founder, you don't need to work alone.

    We exist to help you build & grow the value of your startup,

    and your business & peronsal financial health & wealth.

    We believe business is about building solutions, give work and even investing back in the ecosystem.

  • What Strategic Services Do You Need?

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    Fundraising, Valuation, Growth Strategies



    Virtual CFO $5,200

    Bookkeeping $1,100


    Fundraising $7,200

    Business Model $4,600



    Micro M&A

    Due Diligence, Deal Structure, Valuation, Negotiation


    Typical range: 8% to 12% of your enterprise value (i.e. your selling price).

    Micro Family Office

    Virtual CFO (startups) + Personal CFO (founders)


    Business Growth + Wealth + Tax





    Personal, Non-resident, Corporation

    Starts at:

    Personal $520

    Non-resident $800

    Corporate $2,500

  • The Stages of Startup Virtual CFO Needs

    What Services Do You Need As a Fast Growing Startup?

    Fractional CFO


    • Need small one-time job done with limited resources and money
    • Hire a Fractional CFO to help with valuations or projections
    • Hire a Fractional CFO to help with the initial financial structure set up

    Virtual CFO


    • Support you through various funding rounds
    • Advice on spending limited resources strategically
    • Help take your vision to action to traction
    • Model and monitor projections 
    • Plan cashflows
    • Balance runrate vs burnrate

    Virtual CFO


    • Support for overall financial and operational strategies.
    • Oversee the activities of both bookkeeper and the CPA.
    • Build and train your finance team.

    Virtual CFO


    • Continue to support for the next funding round
    • Scale with key metrics
    • Coordinate with CXO as new hires
    • Budget and forecast 
    • Build, refine or restructure your Standard Operating Process
  • The Journey of Personal Finance

    What Services Do You Need to Grow Your Financial Power?

    DIY + Taxes

    • Build a good habit with what you have.
    • File your own taxes or hire an accountant.


    • Learn new ways of thinking and doing to increase your earning power.
    • Hire an accountant to do your taxes.

    Build Assets

    • Invest in yourself.
    • Hire a personal financial advisor to help you grow at speed.
    • Hire an accountant for your taxes.


    • Invest in multiple areas including yourself.
    • Hire a Wealth+Tax Strategist to help guide you forward

    About US

    Hi, as an early growth-stage founder, you'd need someone who can both support you and challenge you as a generalist with deep functional expertise.


    I'm a generalist enough to be dangerous and a specialist enough to be effective. I'm Mina Fung, CA, CPA in both Canada and the U.S., with Big-four and Fortune 500 experience.


    As a founder, investor and M&A Advisor, I understand your needs and challenges from different perspectives and can help design the best strategic plans and roadmaps for you.


    Together with my team, all virtual, we offer a wide range of virtual CFO, bookkeeping, finance, M&A and tax services for high-growth startups (and their founders/investors) with an annual recurring revenue up to $50M.


    With over 15 years of varied experience at both local and international accounting firms, from small businesses to large corporations, my mission is to help you grow, scale or even exit with the flexbility of a scaleable team so you can focus on doing what matters to you the most.


    Our Virtual CFO and M&A services are for startups and businesses in both Canada and the U.S.


    Our tax practice focuses on Canadian residents and non-residents founders.


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  • Testimonials

    My clients' growth results, traction and confidentiality are my top priority.
    Occasionally, when my clients are open to give testimonials, you can see them below. For case studies, check the section above.
    John Blatchford
    Fonder, Kunst
    Real Estate Developer & Investor 
    + Property Management

    For Virtual CFO + Virtual Finance

    Mina and her team are what you want in a virtual CFO:

    They take responsibility for all of the finance and accounting functions. They are organized, creative and qualified to find solutions.


    Mina can bring clarity and structure to a messy company so you can focus on building instead.

    Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks
    Founder and CEO of KeepWOL

    Techstars ‘22


    Mina is not your average CPA/CFO. If you are a startup founder, you need to hire her! She'll not only make sure your numbers are achievable and defendable, but she'll also help you get your pitch put together. Her broad knowledge & expertise include not only finance but also markets and go-to-market strategies and options. She ensured that I understood how every number was derived and was able to explain myself confidently. Mina is fast, reliable, and accountable. She's been a great strategic partner to have on my funding round journey, and she makes the experience fun. I can't recommend her services more highly.

    Aloke Lahiri
    Chief Operating Strategist

    (Former Engineer)


    I sought Mina's expertise in navigating the startup world specifically in conducting effective discussions on negotiations. For example, negotiating as the only female cofounder on a startup Cap Table. Mina has always cut through the noise with an amazing degree of precision, discerning what is being said, and understanding what is being meant even though the ideas are not articulated effectively so as to provide counsel in the most meaningful way. I have been ridiculously impressed by Mina's ability to get to the heart of the matter so as to dispense expert advice in the most efficient way possible. She has always exceeded my expectations and gone above and beyond to support me in a multitude of aspects such as finance and leadership to make me successful.

    Eric Beckwitt
    Founder & CEO of Freighera

    (Former Strategist)


    As a tech startup with hyper revenue growth, Freighera has a complicated revenue system and cost structure. When I discussed my frustration with certain services providers with Mina, she was able to provide me insights about my pain points and gave me invaluable advice. I was impressed with her expertise and would recommend her services whether your business is simple or complicated. I highly recommend Mina for raw intelligence, insight and integrity.

    Steven Smith
    Owner, 360 Print World
    (Former President, 360 Bottling)

    Mina provided invaluable advice on our private placement deal which included shareholder agreement and arrangements, and a business plan with complex financial models. Her insights and our discussion helped me come to clear strategies and options. We’d like to work with her again and would recommend her services.

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