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  • Startup: CT, Founder: FB

    Fast Growing Software Startup


    CT is a fast-growing startup without any external funding. Since its inception 3 years ago, it has grown 2X year-over-year.


    Building the framework and foundation for scaling up with effective investment and execution on growth strategy and tactics. Financial growth and tax planning are two mission-critical parts of the execution.


    A holistic financial + tax planning approach is used to help the startup scale and the founder manage his financial growth. Tax planning is part of the equation for both the startup and its high-earning founder. Startup & founder planning include considerations for the corporate share structure, startup mobility, funding position, tax implications, etc.

    Business: Marketing, Founder: AC

    Marketing Specialist for Series B+ Startups


    AC came to me a few days before the filing deadline because she had a sense that she's not been properly served with her financial services provider(s). She wanted better help and someone who could meet her at her intellectual level and curiosity.



    AL had wasted time building her financial information without proper guidance. She needed to sort things out quickly before the filing deadline on April 30. However, she couldn't get her simple questions answered before we met.


    Simplicity. I broke down the most mission-critical information for meeting the filing deadline while optimizing all the tax positions and deductions for AC. Because of the simplicity, even for the most complicated situations or information, AC got them all quickly. We got her tax return filed on time and she fully understood her tax position.
    Going forward, AC will have a customized financial model to track her expenses with additional knowledge and clarity.

    Non-Resident Income: Multiple Rental Properties, Owner: DW

    Building Assets in Canada Before Returning as a Canadian Living Overseas


    DW has invested in multiple rental properties in Canada. She decided to move back to Canada with her family in a few years.


    Not all rental property managers help non-residents file proper tax forms and have good records of books.


    As part of an overall tax planning, I advised DW on the steps to work with a property manager/agent/renter. Together, we work to ensure all the filing is on-time while optimizing financial and tax situations.
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