Startup CPA & Virtual CFO

    for High-Growth Startups & High-Earning Founders


    >> Focus: APIs, SaaS & CPG eCommerce


    *Building Results at Speed with Price Transparency*

  • When you want to grow at speed and not waste time, I can help.

    What I specialize in is SIMPLICITY - in scaling, fundraising & resources allocation.


    By working with me as a startup CPA & a virtual CFO, you'll get additional knowledge and services including:
    1.) Intellectual transfer (e.g. strategies, decision making, traction, finance)

    2.) Process transfer (e.g. fundamentals for effectiveness, not just efficiency)

  • What Services Do You Need?

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    Fundraising/Valuation, Bookkeeping/Virtual CFO

    and Operation Support

    Starts at:

    Fundraising $3,200

    Bookkeeping $800

    Virtual CFO $2,600

    Operation: custom

    per month


    Personal, Non-resident, Corporation

    Starts at

    Personal $250

    Non-resident $800

    Corporate $2,000

    Tax + Finance

    Startups + Founders



  • The Stages of Startup Finance Needs

    What Services Do You Need Before Hiring Your Full-time CFO?

    DIY or Hire

    • Do your own bookkeeping and keep it simple.
    • Hire a bookkeeper when your startup is growing fast.
    • Bookkeeping + a light-touch Virtual CFO is necessary when growing fast.


    • A bookkeeper for monthly financials.
    • A CPA for annual filing.
    • A Virtual CFO for funding and growth strategies.

    Virtual CFO

    • A Virtual CFO for overall financial strategies.
    • The Virtual CFO can oversee the activities of both the bookkeeper and the CPA.

    In-house CFO

    • Hire a CFO
    • The cost is higher than the salary alone. 
    • If the CFO's salary is from $200K+, you'll need to cost the position at about $250K+.
  • The Journey of Personal Finance

    What Services Do You Need to Grow Your Financial Power?

    DIY + Taxes

    • Build a good habit with what you have.
    • File your own taxes or hire an accountant.


    • Learn new thinking and doing to increase your earning power.
    • Hire an accountant to do your taxes.

    Build Assets

    • Invest in yourself.
    • Hire a personal financial advisor to help you grow at speed.
    • Hire an accountant for your taxes.


    • Invest in multiple areas including yourself.
    • Hire a wealth management advisor.
    • Hire an accountant for your taxes.

    What Can I Help You With?

    Hi, as an early-stage founder, you'd like someone to share your dream and understand your challenges, and speak startup with you.


    As a founder, investor and operator, I understand your needs and challenges from different perspectives. You can see me as your strategic & operating partner.


    I'm Mina Fung, CA, CPA in both Canada and the U.S., with Big-four and Fortune 500 experience. I offer a wide range of tax, accounting and virtual CFO services for high-earning individuals, high-growth startups and growth-focused businesses of small to medium-sized up to $50M.


    For high-earning individuals, I work with your financial advisor/wealth manager to help you grow in the areas of personal finance and wealth management.


    With over 15 years of varied experience at both local and international accounting firms, from small businesses to large corporations, my mission is to be the strategic growth partner for you and your business.

    My tax practice focuses on Canadian residents and non-residents.


    My accounting and virtual CFO services are for startups and businesses in both Canada and the U.S.


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  • Testimonials

    My clients' growth results, traction and confidentiality are my top priority.
    Occasionally, when my clients are open to give testimonials, you can see them below. For case studies, check the section above.
    Aloke Lahiri
    Chief Operating Strategist

    (Former Engineer)


    I sought Mina's expertise in navigating the startup world specifically in conducting effective discussions on negotiations. For example, negotiating as the only female cofounder on a startup Cap Table. Mina has always cut through the noise with an amazing degree of precision, discerning what is being said, and understanding what is being meant even though the ideas are not articulated effectively so as to provide counsel in the most meaningful way. I have been ridiculously impressed by Mina's ability to get to the heart of the matter so as to dispense expert advice in the most efficient way possible. She has always exceeded my expectations and gone above and beyond to support me in a multitude of aspects such as finance and leadership to make me successful.

    Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks
    Founder and CEO of KeepWOL

    (Former Aerospace Engineer)


    Mina is not your average CPA/CFO. If you are a startup founder, you need to hire her! She'll not only make sure your numbers are achievable and defendable, but she'll also help you get your pitch put together. Her broad knowledge & expertise include not only finance but also markets and go-to-market strategies and options. She ensured that I understood how every number was derived and was able to explain myself confidently. Mina is fast, reliable, and accountable. She's been a great strategic partner to have on my funding round journey, and she makes the experience fun. I can't recommend her services more highly.

    Carolyn Lowe
    Marketing Consultant & Career/Mindset Coach

    Contributing Writer - Thrive Global


    I found Mina via a community group when I was looking for an Accountant to help me quickly as my previous Accountant didn’t do the work that he was supposed to do. I was skeptical about choosing another Accountant given my poor experience with my previous Accountant. Mina was great at taking the time to explain and educate. She showed attention to detail and helped me in a very short amount of time. I appreciated the clarity and information in supporting me with making informed decisions and completing my tax return. Thank you, Mina!

  • Will You & I be a Good Fit?

    Yes, if you

    • like to move things at speed
    • want to drive your own progress 
    • understand and respect your own time and others' time
    • enjoy collaborations

    No, if you

    • expect magic with little of your own input
    • respond slowly and yet expect great results
    • can't stay focused and be open to solutions
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