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    for SaaS & CPG Startups
  • Virtual Startup Services


    Who You Choose as Your Strategic & Growth Partner Matters.

    >> See ways I can support you to grow, reduce wasted time &
    increase traction, revenue and profit. Even selling your business.

    >> If you build to sell, you'll grow your startup differently.

    Valuation & Fundraising

    Work with you to determine and create:

    • Deck & pitching strategies + valuation approach 
    • Valuation models based on traction and estimates
    • Total addressable market, TAM (bottom-up approach)
    • How much to raise, dilution, growth scenarios, milestones, etc
    • A defendable, achievable and believable growth plan (go-to-market strategy to achieve the vision you pitch)

    Starts at $7,200


    Virtual CFO

    Services range:

    • Support you (proactive) as a co-pilot to help you see, build and navigate through each milestone, from building, growing, scaling all the way to $million+ exit.
    • Lay the foundation for seed and Series A rounds
    • Building clarity & focus for growth planning (milestones: customer acquisition model, pricing strategy, gross margin structure & operation)
    • Building attribution models to help you make quick and relevant decisions to hit your milestones
    • Runway/burn strategy & execution
    • Future casting + cashflow forecasting
    • Cost structure building for insights and pivots
    • Finance team building, hiring, training and retention
    • Plus other services based on needs
    • ** Note: We do virtual CFO M&A support as part of the Virtual CFO services. However, if we lead the whole M&A process (marketing, go-to-market, negotiation, closing, etc), it will be a different engagement under the M&A Advisory.

    Starts at $4,800

    * Get a Price Quote that builds with you in real-time

    Micro-Market M&A

    Services range:

    * Revenue at $5 million or less

    • Due Diligence
    • Structure the deal 
    • Founder due diligence & support
    • Enhance growth while planning the exit
    • Refine & restructure cost, growth margin and overall financial health
    • Financial & operational clean up going forward to enter the pre-sales stage
    • Guide through the M&A process
    • Bring in the M&A lawyer or work with your lawyer
    • Assist in negotiation
    * I'm an M&A Advisor on Microaquire. If you list your start for sale there, you can find my profile in the directory.

    Custom pricing

    Business Model & Strategy

    Services range:

    * Work closely with the founder to

    • Analyze market size, distribution, various macro & micro patterns 
    • Positioning & marketing attribution
    • Challenge the thinking in opportunities and constraints 
    • See and test models with a mix of perspectives
    • Optimize pricing model & gross margin for growth
    • Achieve a desirable level of model innovation

    Starts at $4,600


    Services range:

    • As an add-on to your Virtual CFO package
    • 99% of bookkeeping are done poorly
    • See the difference of the 1% 

    Starts at $650/month

    Accounting Setup

    Services range:

    • As an add-on to your Virtual CFO package
    • Design and customize chart of accounts
    • Build reporting framework
    • Design & build KPIs and metrics
    • System conversion
    • And other one-time setup services.

    Starts at $2,500

  • Are you curious about this powerful tool?

    As a Xero Certified Advisor, I'd love to show you how to make this tool useful for scaling your operation.


    Invest in your setup by booking a 30-minute consultation at $185.

  • Cloud-Based Software & Tools

    These are the tools I regularly use to work with founders & their startups


    Main Features

    • Beautiful & easy to use
    • Recurring entry function, with auto reversal 
    • Integrate with Shopify
    • Hubdoc
    • Low transaction Xero Leder


    Main Features

    • Create & track invoices
    • Organize receipts
    • Track inventory


    Main Features

    • Free
    • Simple & easy to use
    • Custom invoice


    Main Features

    • Privacy protection to securely share and store files
    • Zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption


    Main Features

    • Fast chat to resolve urgent issues
    • Reduce email fatigue


    Main Features

    • Accounts payable made easy for startups and small businesses
    • Intergrating with Xero 
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