• Canadian Tax Services

    For Business/Property Owners or Investors

    Working with us will be a good investment for you if you:

    - have a business or side business.

    - have rental income (locally or overseas).

    - have portfolio investments.

    - have properties in more than one country.

    - want to avoid pitfalls that may cost you pain & money.

    - want a top-notch communicator who can represent you in an audit.


    Founder Personal Tax

    Focus includes:

    • Tax planning 
    • Tax filing for funders

    Starts at $520 per package 

    (+GST of 5%)

    Startup/Corporate Tax

    Focus includes:

    • Startup tax planning & filing
    • Small business tax planning & filing
    • Integrated services including founders or owners tax planning, corporate structure and stock options considerations
    • Records keeping 
    • Pre-contract assessment of tax implications


    Starts at $2,600

    (+GST of 5%)

    Non-Resident Tax

    Focus includes:

    • Section 216 Rental Property Income - tax planning & records keeping
    • Tax filing under Section 216
    • Special requests from CRA
    • Other tax plannings

    Starts at $800 for S.216 filing

    Tax Planning start at $2,500

    Other Tax Services

    Services Include:

    • T4s and T5s
    • Tax instalment estimates
    • GST/HST filing 
    • PST consultation & filing in B.C.

    Starts at $250

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